Poltair School seeks to maximise the life chances of all our young people, and we recognise it is crucial to prepare our students for life beyond school and college. Our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme makes a major contribution to preparing students for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of life.   

As a school, we aim to raise awareness of the range of careers, career pathways and training opportunities on offer that suit students interests and abilities and enable students to make the best-informed choices to help them follow sustainable career paths and successful employment throughout their working lives.  

They will learn about the changes in the world of work and how technology and digital skills will make them more employable adults in the future  

Our comprehensive programme begins early in their journey with Poltair.  Each year, students will be given opportunities to develop their transferable employability skills, experience life in the workplace, understand qualifications and pathways open to them and understand how to enter and be successful in today’s labour market.    

Poltair Schools Careers lead is Mrs Lorraine Turner [email protected] Tel:01726 72163 

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