School Day

As part of the school’s plan to address the impacts in children’s development as a result of Covid, Poltair has implemented an extended day on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (timings below).  The aim of Period 5 is to develop the skills in children to be successful and fill the skills and gaps in their knowledge.

Monday & Friday Timetable

0.830-09.00Tutor Time
09.00-10.15Lesson One
10.15-10.45Break One
10.45-12.00Lesson Two
12.00-13.15Lesson Three
13.15-13.45Break Two
13.45-15.00Lesson Four

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Timetable

08.30-08.40Tutor Check In
08.40-09.55Lesson One
09.55-10.25Break One
10.25-11.40Lesson Two
11.40-12.55Lesson Three
12.55-13.25Break Two
13.25-14.40Lesson Four
14.45-16.15*Extended Co-Curricular