Period 5

One of the unique features of Poltair is its co-curricular provision.  At Poltair we are very aware that children missed a lot because of Covid & we are the only school in Cornwall to address this through extending our school day over three days per week.  Through carefully planned experiences and opportunities, we have extended the curriculum to not only fill gaps that they have missed but to ensure that they have the chance to have some of those positive, exciting learning experiences that we all valued from school but that they have missed because of the pandemic.  We believe that a child’s experience at school determines their future & we are committed to making that experience the best it can be & preparing them for their next step in education and future careers.   

The Poltair Period 5 runs on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday as the timings for the school day below show.  All children attend Period 5 and undertake a range of activities that develop them focussed around the concepts of My Future, My Choice, My Voice, My World.

Monday & Friday Timetable

08.30-09.00Tutor Time
09.00-10.15Lesson One
10.15-10.45Break One
10.45-12.00Lesson Two
12.00-13.15Lesson Three
13.15-13.45Break Two
13.45-15.00Lesson Four

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Timetable

08.30-08.40Tutor Check In
08.40-09.55Lesson One
09.55-10.25Break One
10.25-11.40Lesson Two
11.40-12.55Lesson Three
12.55-13.25Break Two
13.25-14.40Lesson Four
14.45-16.15*Extended Co-Curricular
Poltair P5