Poltair School Signs up to Schoolgateway

What is School Gateway?

School Gateway is the parent portal (smartphone app and website) which you can access to make online payments to top up your child’s meal balance for use in the school canteen, as well as paying for school trips, events and equipment. You can use School Gateway to make online payments with a debit or credit card any time 24-7, via smartphone app or website. You can also view school meal balances and top them up. It makes paying for school meals easier and more flexible for parents and you can also limit the amount of money your child spends each day with School Gateway.

Please note that the Poltair School finance office does not accept cash payments/cheques so you must use School Gateway to pay online for school meals, trips, events and equipment.

Activating your School Gateway account is quick and easy to do

All you need are your email address and mobile telephone number that school holds on record for you. This information is provided when you complete your child’s school Admission form.

Download the App

If you have a smartphone, please download School Gateway from your app store (Android and iPhone). The app shows the same information as the website PLUS it saves the school money when we send you a text message. Alternatively Visit the website: www.schoolgateway.com and click on ‘New User’. You’ll receive a text message with a PIN number. Use this PIN to log in to School Gateway.

The set-up process is simple and will take no more than a couple of minutes. When you install the app please say yes to “Allow Push Notifications” when prompted. When you launch School Gateway for the first time and select ‘New User’ you will need to enter the email address and mobile telephone number you have registered with the school.

Trouble logging in?

Do we have your current email and mobile phone number on record? If you have made recent changes to these then perhaps we have not been advised. Still a problem, please contact the school on 01726 874520 or email [email protected] and we’ll update the details on our system or try to resolve the logging in problem.

Domestic Abuse Support During COVID-19

For support with domestic abuse during COVID-19 please click the link below:


Reminder - Reporting Test Results

What to do if you incorrectly report a positive test result

The reporting of test results can be difficult at times, with the options of Positive and Negative so close together, especially on a phone! These things do happen and it is not an issue, but you must ensure that if there has been a mistake made with you reporting a positive instead of negative, you email
[email protected]
as soon as possible- this allows us to liaise with the relevant authorities to identify and then rectify the mistake swiftly.

We continue to appreciate your support with the testing at home to help support keeping our community safe.

Many thanks,

Miss Gemma Owens



Free Software For Children

Following our upgrade to Office 365 we can now offer all students free licenses to use the latest version of Microsoft Office at home, this includes Microsoft Office on a Mac, and also Microsoft Office on Android or iOS.

Office 365 At Poltair

Click the link above to download your copy now!