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Welcome to the Poltair School website. I hope that it provides you with a comprehensive introduction to our values, expectations and ways of working.

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On Friday 19 December hundreds of Santas took part in the Santa Fun Run through the school grounds in support of Cornwall Hospice Care.

Thank you once again for the generous support of parents, carers and other members of the community.

Can we please ask parents/pupils to return any outstanding sponsor money and sponsor forms (the forms are needed to send off to the Cornwall Hospice Care to ensure they can take full advantage of the gift aid contributions). Pupils were reminded that today was the deadline!

The grand total of £1113.21 was raised for Cornwall Hospice Care.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Shelter Box

On Wednesday 10th December we were visited by Joe Cannon from ShelterBox. Joe came to visit our school to deliver a presentation about the Indian Ocean Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004.

Joe Cannon was sent to Thailand in December 2004 by ShelterBox promptly after the Indian Ocean Tsunami. He spent five weeks there with the aim to help survivors recover from the disaster and to distribute much needed shelter and supplies.

During the session, the year 8 pupils learnt the causes of tsunamis and how aid agencies like ShelterBox help to repair and rebuild areas after such disasters. One way in which the aid agencies responded was to distribute huge tents which could fit up to 20 people in. Pupils had a fantastic experience and learnt how to construct the giant tents as seen in the images below.

The session was extremely beneficial to the group of year 8 pupils as in their Geography lessons during the autumn term they were learning about Natural Hazards. The pupils were most astonished by the amount of damage the tsunamis caused and relished the opportunity to ask questions during the sessions. It was an excellent opportunity for pupils to see Tsunamis in a real life context.

The session was a success!

Anti Bullying

At Poltair we believe that every student has a right to be in a school which is safe and secure, to be treated with dignity and respect.

For further information about our anti bullying policies go to the Antibullying policy page.

If you are a student who would like more information or help regarding bullying check out the Anti Bullying at Poltair page.


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The Santa Fun Run

On Friday 19 December hundreds of Santas took part in

Shelter Box

On Wednesday 10th December we were visited by Joe Cannon

Kids' Lit Quiz

We are excited to announce that on Friday 28 November,

Remembrance Day

Staff and students at Poltair School marked the centenary of

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