About The Governors

Welcome to the Governance section of the Poltair School Website. The Governing Board of Poltair School are all volunteers who represent the community and help shape the direction and aims of the School. Some are elected directly by parents and staff, while others are selected by the Local Authority or co-opted by the Governing Board.

The Governing Board have a number of functions, some of which are delegated to committees or to the Headteacher. Primarily our role is to support and challenge the school, its staff and students, to achieve the very best quality of secondary education. Groups of governors:

  • attend Full Governing Board meetings – 5 or 6 year
  • undertake bespoke training – three times a year and attend LA organized events
  • attend committee meetings
  • undertake staff interviews
  • visit the school and monitor the delivery of school policies
  • undertake the performance review of the headteacher
  • deal with serious matters of complaints and issues of capability and disciplinary nature

For more details please select from the menu below and/or contact us through our Clerk to the Governing Board, Ms Caron Reeves, creeves@poltair.cornwall.sch.uk

List Of Governors

Poltair School Governing Board – June 2016

The Clerk to the Governing Board is Ms Caron Reeves.

Full Name Date of appoint Term of Office Date Stepped down
(if within last 12 months)
Type of Governor Business and Pecuinary interests 16/17 Eg governorship at other schools, relationships with school staff, business connections Attendance Record
(for previous year 2015/16)
FGB Per Res Oth
Mrs Dilys Vincent (Chair of Govs) 01.09.13 4 years N/A Trust CDC Strategic Lead and CDC Headteacher at Truro, St Columb and North Cornwall -Part of the Early Years Effectiveness Team at Cornwall Council. One child on Training Course 8/8 6/6 2/2
Mr D Coon (Vice Chair of Govs) 01.09.14 4 years N/A Parent One child at Cornwall College
Parent - One child at the school
8/8 6/6 5/5 2/2
Mrs Daphne Johns (Chair of Personnel) 21.07.13 4 years N/A LA None 6/8 6/6 2/2
Mr Steve White (Chair of Resources) 18.09.14 4 years N/A Co-opted Police Officer 6/8 4/5
Mrs Fran Clapham 11.12.13 4 years N/A Parent Cornwall College Employee
Parent - Two children at the school
Mrs Jean Wood 04.06.15 4 years N/A Co-opted Occasional Employee- Invigilator at exam time
Husband a Cornwall Council Councillor
7/8 4/6
Mr John Marshall 19.09.14 4 years N/A Co-opted None 2/8 0/5
Mrs Rachel Cocks 04.06.15 4 years N/A Co-opted Employee – Data Manager at School
Two children in a school
Mr Stephen Tong (Headteacher) End of Service N/A HT Headteacher
Wife in Educational Establishment
8/8 6/6 5/5 2/2
Vacancy Co-opted
Vacancy Trust
Vacancy Staff
Past Governors
Mrs Tessa Claridge 11.02.14 4 years 31/07/16 Co-opted None 4/8
Mrs Diana Pride 11.02.14 4 years 19/09/16 Trust None 5/8 3/6 5/5
Mrs Justine Kellow 05.11.12 4 years 04/11/16 Staff Director of Mathematics
Mother and Sister work in Chartwells
One Child of School Age 7/8

Governor Committee Structure

Governors’ committees have delegated powers and functions, while working and task groups prepare recommendations for consideration by the full governing board.

There are currently two standing committees:

Personnel Committee:the primary purpose of this committee is to ensure that the school operates within the bounds of current employment law relating to all staff issues, including appointments, training and development, pay and conditions and grievance, disciplinary and capability.

Resources Committee:the primary purpose of this committee
 is to ensure the quality of education provision by making the most effective use of resources (except personnel). Responsibilities include advising on and monitoring the school premises, health and safety, catering and finance, operating within statutory and Local Authority regulations for schools.

Other Statutory Committees:these are convened when needed – for example, the appointment of staff, the appraisal of the Headteacher, to consider a disciplinary matter or hear an appeal against a pupil exclusion.

There are currently three sub Committees which meet three times a year.

  • Achievement and Progress
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Behaviour and Attendance

Governor Committees & Dates 2016/2017

Committee Autumn Term 2016 Spring Term 2017 Summer Term 2017
Full Governing Board 22nd September 19th January 25th May
16th November 23rd March 20th July
Personnel 18th October 31st January 25th April
22nd November 15th June
Resources 6th October 7th March 9th May
24th November 27th June

How To Contact A Governor

All communications with members of the Governing Board should be made Care of...

By post:

  • Ms Caron Reeves
  • Clerk to the Governing Body
  • Poltair School
  • Trevarthian Road
  • St Austell
  • Cornwall
  • PL24 4BZ

By email:

  • creeves@poltair.cornwall.sch.uk

Feedback & Concerns

All feedback and concerns will be taken very seriously. We also like to hear when you are pleased and you may wish to use the Parent View facility on the front page of the website.

The Governors will hear complaints about the School, but only after all efforts to resolve the problem have been exhausted.

Step 1: Contact your child’s tutor or subject teacher or the member of staff responsible for that area of the school to discuss the problem. If you are unsure who that is, the office staff will be pleased to point you in the right direction. If you remain unhappy, the Head of Faculty or Head of Year can be contacted.

Step 2: If previous efforts to help resolve the position have not worked, please contact the Head’s PA, Mrs E Pennell. A member of the Senior Leadership Team, usually the Deputy Head or one of the Assistant Heads will be assigned to investigate. If the issue remains unresolved, the Headteacher will follow up and get back to you.

Step 3: If further action is required, you may contact the Governors through their clerk, Ms Caron Reeves, as detailed above.

Please click here to view the Complaints Policy

How To Become A Governor Or Associate Member

Each Governing Body in England is required to have an “Instrument of Government” which lays out the membership. Regulations introduced in 2012 changed the format in response to Department for Education policy to reduce the number of Governors for each school. Our Governing Body was last reconstituted in June 2015.

Parent Governors are elected by the parent board as and when each Parent Governor Term of Office finishes. These are staggered so that elections are held in most years.

They have a four year term of office. We have two Parent Governors. Any vacancies will be advertised on the website and a letter sent out to parents.

Trust Governorsare elected by the St Austell Co-operative Trust. They have a four year term of office.

Co-opted Governors are people with particular expertise and skills (for example in finance, running a business, higher education) who are co-opted onto the governing body with the approval of the full Governing Body. They have a four year term of office. They may be parents, staff, or members of the wider community. There are currently six Co-opted Governors.

The Staff Governor is the single member of staff elected by all staff working in the school. They have a four year term of office.

The Headteacher is also a Governor and remains a Governor unless he resigns or retires from the post.

In 2015/16 we have introduced Associate Members to the Governing Body. These are additional parents, staff and members of the community who will be appointed to join a committee for one year as a non-voting member. The aim is to enhance the required Governor skills that we have identified through our own self-evaluation process.

If you are interested in becoming a Parent or Co-opted Governor or an Associate Member when a vacancy occurs please contact the Chair of Governors through the Clerk to the Governing Body - governors@poltair.cornwall.sch.uk. They will be able to advise on Governor Eligibility criteria and current vacancies.

Instrument Of Government

Cornwall Council

Local Authority

Instrument Of Government: Foundation Schools

  1. The name of the School is Poltair School.
  2. The School is a foundation school with a foundation/ a qualifying foundation school (i.e. a Trust school).
  3. The name of the governing board is "The governing board of Poltair School."
  4. The governing board shall consist of :
    1. 2 parent governors
    2. 1 Local Authority governor
    3. 2 staff governors
    4. 5 co-opted governors
    5. 2 foundation/trust governors

  5. The total number of governors is 12.
  6. Foundation governors will be appointed by the 'St Austell Educational Trust'.
  7. The term of office of all categories of governor is four years.
  8. This instrument of government comes into effect on 4th June 2015.
  9. This instrument was amended by order of Cornwall Local Authority on 10 June 2015.

Code Of Conduct For School Governors In Cornwall - Poltair School

Accepted by Poltair School Governing Board in September 2016

In ensuring that they support the aims and objectives of the School and that they fulfil their legal responsibilities Governors will work within the following broad principles of good practice:

  • Understanding that the principle concern of the Governor is the strategic leadership and welfare of the School, maintaining the focus on school improvement and raising standards of educational provision for the pupils including all five outcomes for children and young people identified in the Children Act 2004.
  • Prioritising as far as possible attendance and participation at all meetings and showing a commitment to the School by involvement in School life.
  • Ensuring, in all actions and decisions, that the safety of young people is paramount.
  • Recognising the responsibilities of the headteacher for the day to day leadership and management of the School.
  • Acting in accordance with School policies and protocols, including those relating to Governor visits to the School.
  • Respecting the confidentiality of the work of the Governing Board and particularly those items which the Governing Board decides from time to time should remain confidential.
  • Ensuring diversity and equal opportunity across the School community and treating all members of the School and Governing Board with respect and sensitivity, listening and responding to alternative views.
  • Declaring any personal interest or potential personal gain from service as a Governor, and withdrawing from discussion or decision-making when it may directly or indirectly benefit self, family or business associates.
  • Undertaking personal development as a Governor and engaging in appropriate training to keep knowledge and understanding at a level which best serves the interests of the School.
  • Showing loyalty to the School by promoting its positive reputation in the wider community and exercising collective responsibility for decisions of the Governing Body.
  • Developing effective working relationships with other Colleges, the Local Authority and relevant agencies to meet the needs of every child in and beyond the School.

Pen Portraits

Daphne Johns (Local Authority Governor, Chair of Governors)

I have been a governor at Poltair School for thirteen years and have been ‘in the chair’ from January 2012 to September 2015. At the point at which I retired I worked for Cornwall Local Authority as an Assistant Director of Education (School Improvement)/ County Chief Inspector of Schools. Before this I taught for thirty years, mainly in schools in Cornwall, as both teacher; and head teacher of three different schools in Grampound, St. Austell and Newquay.

I have been married to Phil for fifty years. I feel I have had a long association with Poltair School; our three daughters, Catherine, Alison and Emma all attended the school and progressed to University. They now live in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Cheshire and so we do not see as much of them, or our grandchildren, Ellie18, Amy 15, Lewis 13 and Sean 10, as we would like.

I enjoy working with everyone at Poltair in support of their dedication and focus on offering the best possible education and therefore, life chances, for all pupils. It is a happy school, striving with unerring energy and enthusiasm for ‘moving to great’. I am proud to lead a very able team of governors who give generously of their time and talents to the school.

In my leisure time I enjoy baking, fundraising for various charities and investigating family history in the course of which I have discovered a few teachers and one or two rogues!

Dilys Vincent (Trust Governor, Poltair School)

I have been a Governor at Poltair School for seven years, I am currently Chair. I have previously been a Governor at Bugle School for twelve years being the Chair for eight before I decided to step down last year. Prior to this I was teacher Governor at Gorran. I therefore have a range of experience as a Governor to bring to Poltair.

I have worked within the education system within Cornwall for 33 years, initially as a teaching assistant at Bugle, then training and working as a teacher in various schools in Cornwall. I went on to work as a Special Educational Needs advisor for Early Years and I have been the Headteacher for the Truro, Bodmin and Launceston Child Development Centres for the last 7 years. We support assessment and intervention for children from 3 – 5 years old with long term and complex needs.

I am married to Nick who attended Poltair School and I have two boys Lee and Jack. Lee who have both attended Poltair, Lee is at university and Jack is on a work training course.

I enjoy being part of the Poltair community and supporting the school in its journey to raise aspirations and improve outcomes for all children. As a member of the governing body I feel able to challenge and support the school where there is a real ethos of commitment and dedication to a common goal. I work with the SEN team at the school and I am link governor to the Tregrehan House.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, reading, crafts and walking.

David Coon

I am a Cornishman and resident of St. Austell. I recently retired from a career in sales which took me all over mainland UK before culminating in running my own business whilst living in southern Spain. Understanding and dealing with people of all ages and from all walks of life has been the key element of my whole working career.

My wife Janice and I have two children. My daughter Olivia is at college having attended Poltair School, leaving with results that exceeded expectations. Her younger brother Elliot is currently a student at Poltair making excellent progress. My leisure time is spent enjoying a keen interest in civil aviation, composing and recording contemporary music, and enjoying the countryside and it’s wildlife.

I became a Parent Governor at Poltair School in September 2014. I am a member of the Resources and Personnel Committee and also the Vice Chair. I also sit on a sub-committee dealing with Attendance and Behaviour, as well as being the Link Governor for Art. I make every effort to make myself available for any other situation or occasion where my presence and input can be of use to assist and support the Headteacher and Staff in their constant, unfaltering quest to provide each and every pupil the absolute best education and opportunities for their future. I take great pride in being the member of a strong Governing Board, at a progressive, friendly school with such a dedicated Staff.

As a parent I firmly believe that children are happiest and maximise their potential when they know exactly what is expected of them, are clear about the limitations with regard to discipline and behaviour, but above all, are encouraged and supported through what can be a difficult and complicated period in their lives, always mindful that they only get one opportunity to get the most from their time at school. I am totally committed to the school's mantra 'believe and achieve'.

Jean Wood

I joined the Governing Board at Poltair School many years ago as a Parent Governor. My children have grown up and progressed through university and I am now a Co-opted Governor. Prior to this I was a Governor at Roche Primary School.

I was a Primary School teacher in London for 10 years before returning to Cornwall where I taught until I retired in 2008. During this time I spent several years working with children with special educational needs.

I am married to John who is a retired teacher, County Councillor and is also a past Governor of Poltair School. My son Benjamin was Head Boy and my daughter, Ysella, Deputy Head Girl.

I work as an invigilator during exam times and I feel this helps to feel part of the school’s community and from a Governor’s point of view, improve my knowledge of the children. I enjoy being part of a dedicated team who strive to challenge and support Poltair School.

My leisure time is spent gardening, walking, travelling, a Book Club Member and various Keep Fit activities.

MFL Curriculum Changes Survey


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