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As the team placed one foot in front of the other as the sun set on Friday 29th March, temperatures dropped as the team walked into camp, a wild area of moorland near Belstone. The team was self-sufficient, co-operative and in good spirits as they pitched their tents and ate their boil in the bag meals before settling down for a very chilly night. Alarms went off at 04.00 and the team was pro-active and incredibly supportive of each other in a bid to be ready to leave by 06.00. It was a truly beautiful day on... Read More...

Weather wind warnings forced training into Sunday 17th March. Okehampton Camp had its own climate as the team set off in heavy hail storms followed by cold winds and bright blue skies. 'On Sunday's training, although we faced some issues with injury and navigation, we did successfully reach the first few checkpoints ahead of time. We worked together and progressed as far as we could. As a team we put in as much effort as we could to make sure everyone got to the next checkpoint.' Jess Siagain A day of challenges were met head on... Read More...

W5 training began with bright blue skies and sunshine on Saturday 2nd March. With Met Office reports of tough conditions later on in the day, it was crucial to walk the miles early on! 'We started off well! We checked in at Bellever Tor ahead of time - we focused on the route and we pushed ourselves hard. We motivated and helped each other out when we needed it. We decided that keeping the momentum going to Royal Hill was a good plan - which was difficult but definitely worth it. We all tried our best as... Read More...

Dartmoor eluded the elements for as long as possible on Saturday 9th February as the 35 mile teams set foot on the moor for the first time since November. A cold, grey and windy day encouraged the teams to work together and strive to meet their check point times. As the day progressed, check points came and went with motivation in tow. 'The first part of Saturday, our fourth walk, was extremely positive. On this training, we split into our two respective teams and fought competitively to reach our checkpoints first. This inspired us to walk... Read More...

On Saturday 26th January, the Ten Tors teams prepared for a rigorous mandatory clothing and equipment check prior to a day of endurance training and skills based learning. 'We worked hard when we were endurance training in the sand dunes. Misha's team were chasing Elliot's team for Stage 1 and then we swapped over for Stage 2.' Tia-Louise Townsend. There was great teamwork amongst the teams, making an improvement on their overall performance. We learnt the rules and safety surrounding the use of the gas stoves and had the opportunity to try our 'boil in... Read More...


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